Servin' it up, Gary's way!
AH BOO! Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;


welcome 2 my life aka emmy never stops drawing, even though she’s on the bus and there are a billion bumps and they screw up her lines and stuff


So I doodled this quite a while ago…because it is my belief that season 4 of Glee should consist of Blaine and Kurt going with Coop to Paris because he lands a gig there. All season would be their cute little Frenchie shenanigans. ;)


as soon as I post a picture on the internet I automatically realise I hate it.


Anyway have this since I haven’t done much around here lalala 


before the fated fry incident, marceline and her dad were buds and went on adventures together through ooo……

(i have a headcanon about marceline’s mom too and what happened to her but that’s for another day :))


I’m gonna bury you with my sound on Flickr.

playing around with lineless again!

…also I want to steal marceline’s wardrobe.


I’m on an Adventure Time roll tonight!

This is kind’ve a companion piece to an older PG/ML pic I did a few months ago.


So VERY large.


People asked me to give some info-links about characters of my Ivan the Terrible drawings - sorry guys, I don’t know any sources on english exсept wikipedia article about Ivan. 


i did this in 10 mins but it took an HOUR to resize/save/process/upload BECAUSE MY COMPUTER IS SLOW


frustrated. sorry i can’t make anything nice for the fandom rn


PLAYING AROUND WITH COLORING IN SAI!!! HOPEFULLY I CAN CLEAN IT UP SOON AAAHHH (not this but the way i colorrr like this s??? idk)