WEE another collab~! This one was with the amazing poor-example-of-one, who did the amazing lines~!

 We were raving about body horror and gore, so we decided to mash our brains together and create some funky klaine pics!  It was a huge honor to work with her and her wonderful skills!

There’s more to come, so look out for more gore/body horror klaine~!  (/)・ิu・ิ(\ )

quick warm up before finishing up this collab! ;O; 

so my Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs art book came in today, and i saw this concept outfit THAT JUST SCREAMED KURT HUMMEL AND I HAD TO DRAW IT

BAHH finally finished the lineart for my collab! decided to celebrate with a quick doodle of Kurt as Lisa from Weird Science ;DDD

WELP imma sleep now, hopefully i can knock out school work and then finally get to finishing up! *U*

*draws kurt in hospital gowns forever*

Before i sleep, have some crying kurt doodles~! (^▽^)

This image has been swimming in my head ever since Bash so i decided to finally give it a shot! 

I really wish we had a moment of Kurt thinking to himself, collect his thoughts and stuff- minus the butt shot of course ;u; 

posting it separately cause i didn’t like it with the doodles!