*draws kurt in hospital gowns forever*

Before i sleep, have some crying kurt doodles~! (^▽^)

This image has been swimming in my head ever since Bash so i decided to finally give it a shot! 

I really wish we had a moment of Kurt thinking to himself, collect his thoughts and stuff- minus the butt shot of course ;u; 

posting it separately cause i didn’t like it with the doodles!

and now here’s the last thing i worked on! Teenage Dream came on my itunes and i HAD to animate kurt reacting to..i guess blaine singing it again? IDK It’s super sloppy tho ;a;

so while my internet was out i decided to mutilate this thing while it was still saved in my computer! *U*

IDK what i was doing honestly, it’s just a bunch of things i came up with as i went!

I kinda really want glee to re-cover ‘Scream’ but with Klaine

and yes it’s mostly because i wanna see Kurt in one of those cool black outfits