Literally all I could think about when I saw this was how last time I was in New York my friend saw this happen to someone.

Pigeons are assholes.

William Schuester making me uncomfortable

Anonymous: Omfg, fuck the Glee writers. Can we just send you over there and have you write Glee? Or at least the Klaine parts? Enough Klaingst. I need something fluffy with those two.


I don’t think they’d respond well to a random artist being catapulted at them but we can sure as heck try. SEND ME FLYING, ANON. (I’ll weaken the walls for someone more competent, confident and better with words to break through)



Top 9 Troubletones Moments requested by autoluminescence

This was so funny that the guy gave Blaine a dirty look when he interrupted his chat with Kurt he was so pissed. LMAO I have to laugh at these guys that try to get between Klaine because that is never gonna happen.