Servin' it up, Gary's way!
AH BOO! Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;

ugh i should go to bed but i just wanna draw cute little blaine ;3;

felt super blocked so i decided to try painting in the style of of Little Deerling!

they have a very fun but also very hard style @v@

Day 15 of inktober!!!

GHH can’t get enough of Blaine in big poofy coats! i feel like that would be his thing when it starts to get a little chilly <:

Inktober: Day 6!!

OHO i just love imagining little Blaine and Santana taking those cheesy 90’s sibling photos and Blaine just being a camera hog! (i feel you blaine u3u )

My brush pen is dying ;v;

Recent commission i just finished for Tina! *v*

She wanted a scene from her fic, which included a beautiful scene with Blaine hugging Quinn around lots of pretty flowers!

Hey skank!blaine what are your hopes and dreams?

Blaine: Plus kurt always laughs when i try to smoke! Jerk >:I

Glee officially lost its mind when it counted THIS as an apology Blaine Anderson would give




the friendship besides blam that i really wanted to see next season ;0;


idk if he wore mustard pants but i assume he did ;o;