Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;
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vampire!kurt is pretty scary but WIDDLE BAT KURT IS TOO CUTE ;3;

so while kurt tries to learn how to turn back, in the mean time: BATTY CUUDDLEEESSS~!

couldn’t sleep without at least doing something for the 7daysofcolor challenge! *A*

STARTED WITH SIMPLE RED! hopefully i can learn more about colors and expand all types of colors with this challenge!

crisscolfer are such good bros look at those two such bros brotastic bromance they have it’s broNDERFUL!


don’t look at me please

finally done with commissions SO NOW I CAN DRAW EVERYTHING AHAHA

some quick warm ups! ;o;

OK last 3d lineart stuff i promise! sorry for hurting your eyes! @A@

been looking at way too much of kaneoya’s work ;u; i also liked these both so here’s both dksjad

ahh i missed drawing gore! *3*

I was feeling really inspired by Kaneoya Sachiko, so here’s my attempt at their style with skank!kurt ~! *0*

I’m sure you’ve all seen their work, but if you haven’t i recommend that YOU DO because it is amazing~!