Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;
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i gotta use my sharpie pens more! i like using them cause it makes me more fearless when drawing, less worried about mistakes and more concerned about DOING! ;u;

Having a vampire boyfriend is actually pretty cool! ovo

DOODLES~!! look out cause i have a nice fat sketchbook spam comin up~!!

decided it was time to practice some new faces!

do you guys think you can guess by just looking? ;u;

art trade with kai-art!! she wanted me to draw cas with this pose, which is a very cas pose ;D

thanks for always helping with art blocks btw kai YOU ROOCKKK~!!!! (3(

trying to loosen up but ughh it’s really hard for some reason, i guess those spoilers got me bad ;~;  

well anyway i wanted to try drawing kurt’s vamp mouth, but instead of just giving him 2 cute fangs i want to make it looks super frightening or just unsettling *U* (vamp mouths are really hard to draw!)

is it cheating if i mush all colors from 3 days into one? D: i missed 3 days which were indigo, blue, and green! ;u;

this was also inspired louie zong’s wonderful work! *A*

I was supposed to catch up to 7daysofcolor but i ended up listening to game grumps and gamers!klaine popped on the canvas! I usually just listen to music but it’s oddly therapeutic and motivating listening to those two talk!

So here’s klaine playing a really old game! Some of us are kurt and some of us are blaine :’D

mughh i’m really out of it today

AHH i missed day 2 yesterday! so here’s day 2: orange! also more oc’s yaay~! *0*