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AH BOO! Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;


OKAY so i wasn’t able to participate in ‘Klainemas’ because my printer came in SUPER late. I am happy to say that i can definitely participate in Operation: ‘VALENTINE’S KLAINE’! 

Us klainers have been pooped over many times these past seasons. What with that disaster of a Christmas Special and the unequal display of affection between klaine and the other couples. ;~; 

We want to show these dudes that we are a force to be reckoned with! How do we do that you ask? BY SENDING HEAPS AND HEAPS OF V DAY CARDS TO GLEE HQ’S THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY~! I’m talkin each and everyone of us, sending cards. Can you imagine the flooding?

Your card doesn’t have to be amazingly beautiful or anything, it just has to be about Klaine and Valentine’s Day! You can add words of love, some criticism about how klaine is being written, song ideas, or tell them how their recent episode hurt us, whatever you like!

JUST DON’T SEND HATE!  We want to be as polite as possible! uUu

This is the address we are gonna be sendin our love to(given by Joaquin): 

Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Glee Production
Bld 213, Ste 380
Los Angeles, CA  90038

C’mon, family i know we can do this! We are powerful, we are awesome, we are klaine fans~! If you don’t watch Glee but want to show support, go on ahead too! Heck, even just reblogging this and getting the word around helps!! We could use all the help we can get!  I BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS~! >u<

PS: I would love to see your cards! So if you DO participate, be sure to snap a pic of it and tag it as ‘valentines klaine’. I will be posting my own as well!

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