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      Can we all thank Korra for giving Lin her bending back?

      No. Because Lin didn’t need Bending to Define her. And Korra getting her shit back was a cop out. She should have learned how to do that.

      Don’t be bowing like you respect Lin. You didn’t respect Lin at all. I hope Korra’s in fucking awe seeing a real Earth Bend Master. The end.

      also we should really be thanking Aang for that cause Korra didn’t do shit to earn the ability to energybend or whatever the hell this is supposed to be. Aang literally showed up and gave it to her. So yeah, thank you Aang.

      the Lion turtle GAVE it to Aang, so I don’t see why you are on Korra’s case for not learning it like it was an extra element

      lolno. Aang literally went on a spiritual journey and all of that shit before it was “given” to him. Korra sat down on a cliff and sobbed. If they had even tried to make it seem like she was trying to figure out a way to do something and her desperation or hopeless provided enough motivation to actually accomplish what she hadn’t been able to all season - i.e. contacting her ~spiritual side~ or w/e - then I wouldn’t have nearly as big of an issue.

      But she didn’t. All that happened was she started crying. It’s not Korra’s fault, it’s shitty writing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna have a problem with people acting like Korra is ~zomg amazing~ for this when it was bullshit.

      Exactly. Korra did NOTHING. She EARNED NOTHING.

      Everyone had to work for what they had, but HER. She strolls in, fucked up all over the place and still gets rewarded.

      Yes, sadly, that’s how it was written.

      She showed zero growth and zero learning anywhere. ANY. WHERE.

      I mean, she learns Amon is a blood bender, learned nothing from her Tarrlok encounter and still tries to fight that fool?

      They should have kept her as an Air Bender and let her actually master a fucking element instead of just handing her her shit back.

      Gah, she’s worse than Kuruk.

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