Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;



please tell me im not the only one who remembers that photoset/gif that went around where it has the final scenes of death note where light is trying to defend himself but someone replaced the text so it was him teaching them how to swim




Latest positive news out of Ferguson. Community coming together.

Teachers: Heroes.


When I’m Grunk

Gosh dang, I finally finished this thing. ENJOY.

Fanart by magicalmegatitties, oyasuminerd, rollingrabbit, usbdongle and runningwithpaper. Based on this video.

edgeworht asked: jaAAAAY yr bunnylashes stuff always makes me smile uou

AHHH THANK YOUU i love drawing those little buggers!image


you know what there should be more of? horror movie klaine

like super fucked up horror plots and klaine having to fight evil spirits and stuff i’d be down



how gay do i have to make my drawings so you wont tag them as brotp

OK last 3d lineart stuff i promise! sorry for hurting your eyes! @A@

Anonymous asked: how do you get those cool almost "3D" style colours on your lines? (like it's red and blue, and on the skank!kurt picture!!)

then you add the color and all that! AND VOILA YOU GOT YOUR 3D EFFECT! (you can rearrange the cyan and red line art as much as you want, until you get your desired look!)


i wish animal crossing was real like u walk into a new town dirt poor and suddenly u have a career and people who like u