Hey y'all~! My name's Jay and I love drawing and broccoli! Also Klaine is my life and I must protect the boys! ;O;

smallerinfinites replied to your post: i bet Blaine hates shooter games like …

how do you think they feel about like loz, and kingdom hearts, and bioshock? i’m all here for gamer!klaine, i’d love to hear more of your headcanons for them c:

OH MY GODDD BLAINE WOULD ADORE LEGEND OF ZELDA! He’d probably finish the game and just keep talking about the ending and how beautiful he game is! Kurt would enjoy it too but skip the cut scenes (OF COURSE) BUUT he would be super judgemental about the graphics and character design! Like he would enjoy ‘windwaker’ more than ‘ocarina of time’ simply because he finds it more appealing (which  i don’t blame cause i do that sometimes too OOP~)

you know blaine  and kurt would both really enjoy KH cause 1 beautiful graphics(for its time!) and 2 really compelling story!

and i don’t know much about bioshock but from what i’ve seen, blaine would be all up in that! *U* 

i guess what i’m going for is that, Blaine appreciates the beauty in games, but he appreciates the story and effort put into them! He doesn’t mind playing the first Silent Hill because even tho the graphics are kinda bad, he just loves getting attached to characters emotionally and being them!

Kurt on the other hand, is more about controls,graphics, and just game mechanics in general! It’s not that he doesn’t see that one game might have better story than the other, he just prefers to play games with better controls and that put more effort into animation and look overall. (like Kurt would enjoy Mortal Combat over Dead or Alive because the setting fits for a fighting game, there’s no rapid or choppy camera movements and the actions are faster and more satisfying!)

indigoliz asked: What kind of cat would you imagine Garnet to be?


I actually gave that a lot of thought while I was bouncing at the trampoline park just now. I came to the conclusion that no mere house cat could adequately suit Garnet.  She could be a bigger, awesomer wildcat, but Amethyst already coined “Purple Puma” and then there’s Lion and I feel like they already fill the Big Cat Quota.

So I think Garnet would invent a new cat whose skin she feels comfortable in.


we were gonna watch samurai champloo on netflix but instead we’re watching sherIock wtf happened i don’t deserve this


i cannot fucking believe this url was available

i bet Blaine hates shooter games like COD because he finds them tedious, but Kurt ADORES them cause he gets to mindlessly shoot at losers >:D

Anonymous asked: the post about marco is just about the fact that the snk fandom has focused in rly hard on his death & the jean/marco relationship and pay way less attention to other dead characters just because jean & marco are cute together haha

OHH well i can see how that can be annoying. i thought people were just really upset at the potential lost with the character or something. IDK fandoms can be pretty weird sometimes D:



FMK lord farquaad shrek donkey

according to the movies both farquaad and shrek are terrible husbands, one is a tyranical dictator and the other one might fuck up the entirety of time if he gets bored, donkey is clearly the best husband of the three and u kno shrek a freak in the swamp so you kick farquaad’s tiny ass to the curb why is this even a question


I don’t think writers realize that “strong female character” means “well written female character” and not “female character who punches stuff and shoots stuff”


Do you ever just look at this fandom’s obsession with Marco Bodt and just think: "Why?"